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Furniture On Consignment

Let us SELL your gently USED furniture

We have the largest consignment department
and sell more used furniture than any other store in the Midwest!

Here is How it Works!

Send a photo to consignments@wichitafurniture.com and we will tell you what we can do for you!


CALL US at 316-682-2000 and ask for Consignments!

We have a 45 day agreement between Furniture On Consignment Inc. and the consignor to sell the merchandise. Upon selling the merchandise and collecting funds in full from the buyer, Furniture On Consignment Inc. will pay the consignor 100% of the listed price following the automatic reduction period stated in the contract. Consignment checks will be processed the first Thursday of each month to pay for the items that were sold in the previous month. Upon the completion of the automatic reduction schedule, if the merchandise has NOT been sold, the merchandise can then be picked up by the consignor. Consignor is responsible to contact the consignment department when the contract has expired.*

The Consignment department can be reached by email at: consignments@wichitafurniture.com or by phone at: 316-682-2000.

If your merchandise was picked up by our delivery team or dropped off by a third party, The Consignor has three (2) business days to contact Furniture On Consignment's consignment department to have prices established on the merchandise. If three (2) business days pass with no contact from the consignor, Furniture On Consignment has the right to establish the listed price below and place the merchandise on the floor for sale.

Furniture On Consignment Inc will not be liable for any loss due to fire, theft or damage while the merchandise is on consignment or in the possession of Furniture On Consignment Inc.

Auto Reduction Schedule:

  • First 20 days consignor receives 100% of listed price.
  • Next 15 days consignor receives 50% of listed price.
  • Last 10 days consignor receives 25% of listed price.
  • After 45 days the contract is expired.*


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